3,207 Feet Hike

Echo Mountain hike is the best place where to spend your summer. The mountain has easy to follow trails for newbies. Hike and enjoy 3,207 feet view on the mountain peek.

Start With Ghost Hunting Experience If You Dare

The hike starts at the alleged haunted place owned by the Marx Brothers called Cobb Estate. Get the whole story here from LA Times. They converted the place to a public parkland which is a good way to start the hike for warm up.

Don’t Forget To Be Prepared With Plenty Of Snacks And Drink

Echomountain has an easy trail to follow but it would be long day of hike. It make sense to be prepared with all the basics such as food and water. Do you want a list of what to bring? Check 10 Essentials when hiking.

No Need To Worry About The Parking Fee

Parking fee can be excluded to your budget because you can simply park your car on residential streets on the trail head. Don’t worry because your car is safe and no one will touch it. The residence are all civilized and would even report if something happens to your car.

Enjoy Company

Echomountain has become a tourist attraction. Many come here to hike, bike, and skate. Just be attentive to your surroundings and enjoy company of other visitors of the mountain.

Check Other Destination

If there’s more energy left, check other destinations you can visit near the vicinity. Depends on the weather but it pays to check Echo Mountain Destination Overview.

Camp For A Night Or More

Expect that hiking in Echomountain would be long. It is advisable to camp here to maximize the whole experience. Mount Lowe Campground is place where you can safely set up your tents and have a good night sleep.