What is the best thing to do after a long hike aside from sleeping? Off course, restaurant hopping. We all need a wonderful meal after a long day outdoor. Let us share you the best restaurant near Echomountain Park to complete your hiking experience.

Pieology Pizzeria

It’s time for a pizza party. Visit this restaurant near Echomountain park. They serve the best oven fired pizzas in town. The restaurants has all the toppings you could imagine. Craving for pizza? Visit them and get the pizza experience you can’t get somewhere else.


This might be the best place for people who wants a good meal but on a limited budget. They serve the best American dishes we used to. Don’t miss their juicy burgers slopped with toppings.

Capital Seafood Restaurant

Time for a change, go for seafoods. Locals swear by their seafood dishes. The food are always fresh and delicious. The place might be crowded because it’s a famous restaurant. But if you are here for the food, then this place is for you.

Carrows Restaurant

After camping and you are on your way down in the morning. Carrows Restaurant is the place to be for breakfast. They serve the best pancakes and omelet. Their drink choices are great too.


This restaurant adds a new flavor to your traditional Japanese dishes. Order some beer and their Yakitori, you’ll be surprised how well these two complement each other.